Are MLP Payouts at Risk of Losing Tax Advantages?

24/7 Wall St.

Stock Split ImageThe world of Master Limited Partnerships (or MLPs) has to go through adjustments from time to time as investors sometimes wonder about their tax consequences at a time when the government is looking for new tax revenues. Fitch Ratings addressed this possibility just recently. Dividend and income investors have a lot to worry about if this effort picks up any momentum. The good news is that Fitch is not really that worried that MLPs will lose their tax advantages in the near-term and intermediate-term. The bad news is that any fears of this being challenged is likely to bring havoc to the sector and this remains a long-term threat the larger and larger this sector becomes.

MLPs have payouts rather than traditional dividend yields. They are passing on some income out that is taxed, but the tax advantage from so much of the payout comes from the fact that theā€¦

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